‘Love Story’ – a wedding styling event

Welcome to the Hampshire Wedding Club breakfast sessions ‘Love Story’ – a wedding styling event. Falling in love is not unique. But how you met, how you fell in love – your own Love Story – is as individual as you are. Sunday 14th of January.

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5 Secrets to Building a Tribe Rapidly

Lauras last post I discussed how finding your tribe can accelerate your business growth and asked the question for what purpose does the tribe exist? Now we discuss how to build your tribe rapidly, hopefully through the HWC.

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What makes Hampshire special

Perhaps it is the rural patchwork of farms and fields, seen for miles as you drive around our gorgeous county. Hampshire has it all, it is the perfect blend. Relaxing, invigorating, coastally beautiful, rurally breathtaking, historically captivating.

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Strengths of an industry

As I drove back from seeing the ever so lovely Freya Rose yesterday I realised why I’m creating the Hampshire Wedding Club. Yesterday we talked about passion and integrity, and how important it is to have that in your wedding business.

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How finding your tribe can accelerate your business growth

The desire to feel connected is hardwired into our DNA and we crave to be part of a family, a community and find our ‘tribe’. We need to belong. In addition to the many benefits to our wellbeing when we find our tribe, creating deep connections and friendships can...

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Doris loves

|| HWC discoveries || Introduces Emma Bovington of Doris Loves, based in Tongham. The Hampshire Wedding Club supplier spotlight, letting you know about Emma and her business. Hampshire Wedding Club member.

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Image submissions

Brief Branding and website images for the HWC. Above it the branding sheet and the demo graphic for the HWC website. Colours I would love images that compliment the above scheme, and the feel of the website. Hex colours for the branding #7a9693 #b7c4c1 #f6f2e9 #dbb7bd...

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Book Club

The HWC social book club I have wanted to start a book club for as long as I can remember, and now I have an excuse... “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book” ~ J K Rowling Is a good book better shared with friends over a plate of...

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Couples monthly topics

The aim of the HWC is to advocate professional standards within the Hampshire wedding industry. Foster elevated standards, promote collaborations, and meet all your expectations.

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Supplier monthly topics

November topic Networking and relationships and building your tribe December topic Rest and reflect, planning this into 2018 and growing as a creative wedding specialist January topic Planning and getting the year going and setting up 2018 for success February topic...

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Blog submissions

Thank you for considering sharing your work on the Hampshire Wedding Club journal and social media. Guidelines Please find our submissions requirements here – which you can also print out and use as a checklist.  Please note that we cannot accept submissions not...

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Millennial clients

A blog post recently asked if the wedding industry was dying. I ask how can that be the case? When one person continues to meet another, they fall in love and choose to marry? Instead we should ask how our wedding world expects us to follow it in it’s transition. And...

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Natalie Weaving

|| HWC contributors || Introduces Natalie of the Typeface Group, based in Basingstoke. The Hampshire Wedding Club supplier spotlight, letting you know about Natalie and her business.

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Beyond Vintage

|| HWC discoveries || Introduces Lou of Beyond Vintage, based near Eversley in Hampshire. The Hampshire Wedding Club supplier spotlight, letting you know about Lou and her business. Lou is a HWC Advisor, working as the integral team supporting our suppliers.

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Our mission The HWC was founded on the belief that an empowered, motivated community can inspire an entire regional industry. When people collaborate and communicate from their highest values and purpose. We will deliver inspiration to stakeholders, meaningful...

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10 Reasons

10 reasons to join the Hampshire Wedding Club Communities offer significant benefits on the subject of general entrepreneurship.  Finding a more niche-focused community is something even more important.  If you aren’t taking advantage of what professional communities...

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About Tasha

Meet Tasha

If I was to share a few simple truths with you, they’d be that I think everything happens for a reason, cake can be eaten at any time of the day and I’ve always dreamed of living by the sea but seagulls get on my nerves.  However, I also believe that in life, you should always be courageous.  That’s why I started The Hampshire Wedding Club.  I’ve been a wedding photographer for years and I adore how passionate my industry is and how inspiring the creative people around me are. Before I started my own photography company Ikonworks, I worked for international brands such as Verizon, Porsche, Game and Morgan Stanley for 16 years as an executive assistant.  The perfect grounding for starting up and running my own show – multitasking, organising and attention to detail are in my DNA.

But here’s the thing, above all I subscribe to the mantra that doing what you love makes you happy.  So seeing a gap in the wedding industry, I thought it was high time I started pulling together the fantastic creatives and professionals I’ve worked with.  I wanted to create an interactive, inspiring and beautiful online portfolio for brides and grooms that not only showcases all the fabulous wedding industry talent we have in Hampshire, but also acts as a revolutionary social space and digital lookbook for wedding creatives.  That’s how The Hampshire Wedding Club was born.

 When I am not shooting weddings, hosting events or running The Hampshire Wedding Club, I’m Tasha who is married to Martin and mum to Sam and Abby – our two lovely, funny, feisty kids.  Most days you’ll find me surgically attached to my desk or curating love stories through a lens but I can often be found on the side of a rugby pitch or grabbing a quick coffee before going on a webinar.  I can’t survive without coffee.

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