About Raj Basi, Asian wedding makeup artist

I’ve worked as a wedding make up artist and an Asian wedding make up artist for 5 years, across the UK and Hampshire alongside some incredible talent within the wedding industry, at some of the most prestigious venues in the country. Being part of numerous teams creating runway looks for The National Wedding Show as well as The National Asian Wedding Show and Fashion Week.  These experiences have ensured I am a fast and driven to succeed learner.  Working with other incredible wedding artists on their teams has allowed me to curate a wealth of knowledge and day to day practice that I now confidently and happily offer my clients directly.

Having worked on professional photoshoots and intense commercials, I fully understand the versatility and capabilities of my exceptional professional grade products work.  A painting by numbers is not in my make up bag of tricks, and I ensure I always create a bespoke and personal spin on the latest styles and looks. This is because I appreciate every bride and client has their own individual qualities, and I therefore ensure your wedding style reflects and compliments this.

Tell us what makes your business special.

My values and my clients. I love the fact that you don’t choose to follow the mass style and  that we always manage to find a shared passion to swoon over, or a shared attitude of opinion to discuss and perhaps laugh about.  I am all about “keeping it real” which I think shines brightly in what I create for my clients. With the pressures of social media diluting a lot of authenticity and realism across our specific part of the industry it’s hugely important to stay true to who you are and not lose your voice amongst all the noise. The way I see it, my relationship with clients is a collaboration and if I try to deliver something that doesn’t feel real or connected to me, it will show. I know therefore, that it’s so important to find suppliers who are genuinely interested in getting to know their clients, as we should share a vision, clarity and understanding so we can flawlessly create the perfect look for you, for your wedding day.

Why do your customers fall in love with you?

Because i’m hilarious!! No seriously, I know weddings are a serious business, but a lot of the time people forget they are supposed to be fun! And this is what I bring with me to your wedding. Warmth and kindness is part of my gentle approach and i’m always go further than my job description ever requires, happily. I believe if you have the power to help or fix something you should just do it without questioning what is in it for you. I ensure this attitude travels with me everywhere I go and on many occasions, I find it often saves the day!

Me again. I just wanted to send you this photo because it is one of my favourites and it makes me feel really special which was all down to you!! Every single part of this photo would not have been possible without you!

Samantha Lyons, March 2019

Just wanted to say a huge thank you once again, not only for glamming me up in the exact perfect way I wanted, but also for your friendship and presence the whole time. You are such a lovely person and your warm, calm, smiling, patient nature put me at ease and I felt I had my sister getting me ready! I had 2 girls ask me who my hair and makeup artist was and I was proud to recommend you!

You are everything an Asian wedding make up artist should be, with a perfect eye for detail.

Meenal Padhiar, July 2019

Beautiful regal bride with makeup designed by Asian wedding makeup artist Raj Basi, working in Hampshire and the UK

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