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Join us for a Cup of Social Coffee

I found the inspiration to create this event after a very overdue catch up with a dear friend of mine visiting from Sweden.  She told me how much she loved the way her new wedding industry colleagues did the “social thing”.  She left the UK to live in Stockholm with her husband just after they married, and she says she is NEVER coming back… I believe her, she radiates such glorious happiness these days.

She said that they preferred not to translate a very traditional word “fika” because they don’t want it to lose the significance and for it to become a mere coffee break. She said it was one of the first words she was taught, right after tack (thank you), and hej (hello).

She said that we were really bad at Fika, and she said that I should change that within this awesome group we were building for both brides and suppliers.

So we are planning something that is much more than just having a coffee.  We want to create a legitimate reason to set aside monthly moments for quality time talking all things wedding, time to support you with your questions, concerns, and frustrations.

I love the fact that she said Fika can happen at any time, morning as well as evening. It can be savoured at home, at work or in a café. It can be with colleagues, family, friends, or someone you are trying to get to know. It is a tradition observed frequently, preferably several times a day.  AMAZING!

She also said that it should also be accompanied by sweet treats… Cakes and cookies are ideal.  She said that Swedes appreciate the good things in life.

Just after Charley left I got an email from a friend, which further confirmed why something like this is needed.  I have asked her if it would be ok to share a little section with you;

“We are getting married in August, (my boyfriend proposed 10 months ago on my birthday), and I was so excited.  What I thought was going to be a fun journey of excitement has turned into a complete nightmare. Everything guest lists related has turned horribly political, my mum-in-law has decided to vet everything we are planning, and is totally erasing the lovely girly side of planning a wedding…. I was really looking forward to planning, shopping, going on my hen weekend, making favours, but nobody is interested, and I literally have no one to talk to, bounce ideas off or just chat to.  My H2B’s (I had to look that up) sister is a bridesmaid (she’s 24).  She seemed excited for the first 10 minutes, but now really does not care. Even my Chief Bridesmaid is uninterested, she won’t organise a hen do, go look at bridesmaids dresses or come along to florist appts. She even asked me when the wedding was because she wanted to book a holiday and couldn’t remember. I feel like my only friend at the moment is my fiance, but with the way his Mum is being, I am starting to lose his interest as well.  He just wants an easy life as he has a full on job, not that I don’t.  Tash, I love what you are doing, but I want to find a way of getting together with more brides and do some girlie fun stuff.  Do you think you can have a go at organising something? Love you loads, Melly” xx

I am hoping that you don’t all feel like Melly, but I am sure there are elements of her experience that you can relate to.  When I put the below graphic on the home page to our brides’ website, I did not just shove a bunch of words together.  I honestly believe we as an industry must start to better support our clients in a community, and look after the connections we preciously nurture supporting you from the day you get engaged to the day you say I do, and beyond in some cases.

So if this sounds interesting, and you would love to come along then simply book a ticket so we can count our numbers, and we will see you there.  Any questions let us know.  Come and enjoy a cup of social coffee with us, or tea, or wine, or water.  We are here to support you.


Tasha xx


Image credit – Angela Ward-Brown


(Sunday) 10:00 am - 1:00 pm GMT


The Barn at Avington

The Barn at Avington, Park Farm


Tasha Newlandhello@thehampshireweddingclub.co.uk

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A social coffee - Brides monthly

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