Why would they spend their money on me?

Finance and cashflow

This thought process is very common amongst wedding suppliers, some have handled the process others battle with it every day (I was one of the one’s who fought every day, just so you know).

I have done a lot of reading about this since my time with my business coach a few years ago, and to me it appears that are three parts to the thought process:

  • You doubt the value you can bring your clients
  • You doubt your own self-worth, and
  • You doubt the value of the work that you do

Each is different, but they are all very closely related.

Have you found yourself saying something like this?

“I’m not sure if I’m really good enough, my work has been below par recently.” Or,
“I lack confidence, perhaps my work is not worth the money that I need to charge to sustain my business.” Or,
“Why on earth would Lisa and Tom spend their money on me, they could be booking Lisa down the road who is much better?”

These thoughts are common, because it’s a natural process to go through when we have a small business that sells services to people who trust in us. Particularly among creatives because we are so personally invested and so personally motivated to help those who rely on us for their wedding day, it causes doubt and a difficult to move lack of confidence.

So why not think about this instead? Do you really need a strong sense of self to solve a client’s problems?

Look at your track record, because it speaks volumes for where your mind should be. Does your portfolio of work prove that you solve a client’s problems – and when I say problems that could be:

  • I need a photographer who understands how to photograph curvy women
  • I need a dress boutique who is able to support me buying a dress that I can wear sat in my wheelchair
  • I need a florist who understands I want seasonal flowers, want to be sustainable in my choices, as well as kind to the environment
  • I want a stylist who understands that I am very kooky, and really want to put my own twist on how my wedding looks and feels. It has to perfectly represent our characters and passions, so feel and see us in our special day

When you know that you can solve the clients’ problem, you develop a confidence in the work that you do that can be completely independent of the way you feel about yourself inside. So basically, you need to continue to ensure whatever the problem is that your clients are bringing to you. Whatever your confidently speak about online, and resonate through your words on social media will attract those clients, and you can continue to solve, develop and thrive.

Remember, you are most definitely not alone!

I want you to know if you doubt whether you are really good enough and struggle with the confidence in your ability to help people, reach out and talk to us. What you are feeling is completely normal. I think it is perhaps a daily rite of passage when you exist in the wedding industry.

When I started this journey, forming the Hampshire Wedding Club, I was absolutely terrified because I had no idea if I would be any good. I was scared I was wasting your time and that you would think I was not good enough. I was worried I was not confident enough in my abilities and knowledge to add value to other people and their businesses. All I knew was I had to try, and I had more than enough compassion and motivation to do that.

From my experience all I can say is that, the best thing to do is recognise this is a natural part of your business journey, and promise yourself that you will to act upon the changes needed to work through it, and perhaps it’s a gap that you need to work out how to bridge and step over.

Ideas you can use to bridge and step over…

Get lots and lots of experience

The first thing I’d encourage you to do is to get experience in understanding where and how your work is valuable. Talk to people, create regularly, participate in editorial shoots (take a look at our collaborative shoots here), network and discuss services, reach out to new colleagues, and most of all do the thing you love and are passionate about.

When you are regularly working with either paying or collaborative clients, what you gain is the understanding of where you shine, where you excel, what you like and what you don’t like and how you can improve. This all steers you towards the end point, which is processing the doubt, the internal brain tampering and striding forwards complete with the knowledge you are more than capable, and more than worthy of clients investing in you and your services.

Remember to get testimonials, they are not only a brilliant reference point for future clients but they are something for you to look back on and revisit when you are having a “moment.”

Build it into your communication process with your clients, and always make sure what they write and provide they make public. This is what is called social proofing, and you need it for every part of your business. Especially in this online world we inhabit.

Absolutely 100% understand and believe in the pricing you set for your business

Set immaculately researched pricing right from the start, and review it regularly.

Setting your pricing at a level where you believe the client is getting great value is obviously critical, but understanding it pound by pound will ensure you can stand by it, defend it if needs be and comfortably talk about it with authority. Because when you do discuss it with potential clients it is not a vague flap in the dark, because you have taken time to get a distinct and deep understanding of your business on a monetary level and a practical level.

Remember this, when somebody decides to invest money in working with you, they are not actually spending the money on you, they are investing that money in solving their problem. In other words, they are spending it on themselves. You and your business just happen to be the means by which they do that.

Take a look at our brainstorm sheets over in the pre-work and resources section, having a go at the product guide, client solution and interview sheets.


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