The desire to feel connected is hardwired into our DNA and we crave to be part of a family, a community and find our ‘tribe’. We need to belong.

In addition to the many benefits to our wellbeing when we find our tribe, creating deep connections and friendships can also have a significant impact to growing your business, expeditiously and in alignment.

Finding your tribe, with the Hampshire Wedding Club and Laura Payne-Stanley, Business and Success Coach

So what has been blocking you?

If you are looking to create a new tribe, and in essence saying yes to a new tribe, what has stopped you up to this point for doing this?

It is an exercise to get curious as to what beliefs or stories you are running right now that have been stopping you from finding your new tribe.

Ask questions. Get curious.

A frequent limiting belief that can come up when looking for a new tribe is being good enough. Are we talented enough, are we successful enough, are we popular enough to reach out and build our new tribe.

You can be running limiting stories such as “I’m just bad at networking” which becomes a generalisation and keeps us stuck. A generalisation generated from our ego who is looking to keep us comfortable and safe, bless it, but one which might not be serving us any longer.

If you truly desire to find your tribe, don’t allow this as a way out, get more curious “How do you know that you’re bad at networking? According to whom? Who says you’re bad at networking?”

Acknowledging what has kept your stuck is a step to letting it go to finding your tribe.

Finding your tribe, with the Hampshire Wedding Club and Laura Payne-Stanley, Business and Success Coach

Who is my tribe?

The step that is often missed out as we awaken our need to belong – identifying who is your tribe?

Like our wise parents probably said to us as kids, getting in with the wrong crowd will only lead to ruin.

Now whilst the language doesn’t resonate, the intention behind it does. That becoming part of a tribe that isn’t in alignment with what you are looking for and to create, can have consequences.

Have you ever been part of a group conversation, where afterwards you felt consistently drained? The chances are the group has a lower vibration than that which you are looking for and isn’t in alignment.

Here are some sample questions to help identify your tribe, use as a reference and add to:

  • What is a core belief of the tribe?
  • What do you want to feel, see and hear in the tribe?
  • What do you want to contribute to the tribe? (do you want to lead or join a tribe)
  • For what purpose does the tribe exist? (ie mastermind group, informal networking, personal development, professional development, non formal group of friends etc)

Get really clear on what it is that you are creating or seeking out.

As in the case of one of my clients, they went through the process and could literally meet someone and quickly identify a potential tribal member.

Whether you are seeking friendship, business growth or peer support, letting go and identifying who are your tribe is the first step before building the tribe you desire.

Join me on my next post as I’ll be sharing The Secrets to Building a Tribe Rapidly.

Finding your tribe, with the Hampshire Wedding Club and Laura Payne-Stanley, Business and Success Coach


Laura Payne-Stanley, Business Life Coach & Hypnotherapist.

Laura is a serial entrepreneur, founding an award winning wedding platform, and a master Business and Success Coach, providing boutique coaching for amazing entrepreneurs.
Laura’s energy, passion and powerful expertise enable her clients to unlock the power within and rise to legendary success. Laura addresses limiting beliefs and upper limit problems with swift action and techniques as a Master Practitioner of NLP. A true ‘mindset ninja’ and secret weapon, Laura’s clients are ‘killing it’ from selling out exclusive international events, to becoming floral designer in residence at one of the most iconic hotels in London.

Laura challenges people to dream bigger than they thought possible, and create the empire they love.

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