Topics we will cover with the Hampshire wedding couples over 2018, via journal entries, events, and advice from key suppliers.

November topic

Welcome to the Hampshire Wedding Club

December topic

Trends and Styles

January topic

Budgeting and money

February topic

Ideal supplier

March topic


April topic

Let’s talk weddings

May topic

Pre summer madness

June topic

The wedding industry

July topic

Networking and relationships

August topic

Events, editorials, directories, blogs and magazines!

September topic

From the heart, advice from experts in the wedding industry

October topic

Our wonderful suppliers

November topic

Creativity and individuality

December topic

Trends and styles



With the community spirit very much at the forefront of our mind, we can not wait to tell you about all the fantastic collaborative events and workshops currently being planned.

Heart and soul, what is your main aim? What is it all about?

The Hampshire Wedding Club, is a revolutionary club for Hampshire Wedding professionals and couples, promoting excellence in the wedding industry. We are creating the perfect environment for our suppliers to create a remarkable and engaging impression for their ideal client. We will go far beyond the average networking event, and create bespoke, groundbreaking wedding events.

The aim of the HWC is to advocate professional standards and ethics within the Hampshire wedding industry. Allowing us to foster elevated standards, promote collaborations, and unanimously meet the expectations of you, our wedding clientele. Saying “we are here” and “we are brilliant”, “work with us, engage with us and book us” because we will look after you.

The aim is that the HWC logo will become synonymous with excellence. Ensuring not only potential clients, but also other suppliers, and wider industry professionals all become aware of what we are doing and how we are doing it. We can with effort be recognised, rewarded and acknowledged for our capacity to influence good wedding industry practice.




Founder, The Hampshire Wedding Club


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