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I've always had a love of vintage things, when it came to my own wedding day there was no hesitating on deciding on a theme. I have worked as a designer in the fashion industry for over 15 years now,  so visualising the end product was easy, collecting it was not so! I hired various bits from one company, bought from ebay and charity shops, but I couldnt seem to find one company that did it all.

Then a huge blow came mid wedding planning that our venue could only allow us in 1 hour before the wedding to set up and I had a van load of vintage bits and no one to arrange it for me. Luckily our amazing florist stepped in to save the day but we still needed organisation to get everything back out of the venue the night of the wedding. If only Beyond Vintage had existed then, it would have been the answer to my dreams.

For me, your wedding is about you both, your families, your lives, how you met, not just your favourite colour scheme and flower. At Beyond Vintage we try to put personality into your wedding day, its about you and what makes you tick, whether that be your great grannies ring or your favourite trainers. We can help find those personal elements to make your day truly unique.

Lou of Beyond Vintage has been just amazing. My wedding could not happen without her! She has helped me with every aspect not only the styling. Any 'problems' I thought I ha, she has been able to resolve very quickly with simple solutions. Every time I speak to her about the wedding she has more and more great ideas. Furthermore, Lou has put me in touch with other specialists such as a florist and wedding coordinator who are very reasonable in price and have delivered everything we want so far. It is obvious that Lou loves and cares so much about what she does. I feel very confident that she is in control and has every aspect covered before and on the day. I cannot recommend Beyond Vintage enough. Lou is a true professional and will make any event a success!


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