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First, lets get the pronunciation of my last name out the way! Just say ‘Bloom’ it’s much easier than explaining umlauts. I cannot imagine doing a job better than this. Since I was a child I have been obsessive about stationery, letter writing and all types of penmanship. I decided the take the plunge and make my hobby a full time job. I live in Hampshire and can be found at home in my studio, usually covered in ink. I absolutely love being a part of weddings and feel so privileged to be part of such a really special day.

Victoria is a modern calligrapher, living in Hampshire and specialising in the wedding industry. Calligraphy isn’t just about writing on paper, it is for any surface imaginable. Mirrors, shells, apples, leaves, you name it. Victoria knows each wedding is completely individual and deserves a unique touch. Everything can be taken care of, from place cards, menus, signage and anything you think can’t be done, just might be able to! Even if you’re undecided, Victoria can help guide you along the way. There’s nothing quite like an element of individuality and elegance to set the tone for your big day. Whatever your choice it cannot be replicated and will be completed unique to your wedding.

Tell us what makes your business special.

I always try to do the thing that cannot be done. I’ve often had clients come to me with what they believe to be impossible but I love a challenge and will always endeavour to deliver. I think what is so special about calligraphy it’s such a personal choice. Someone is saying that they want your style and there can’t be a better compliment that that! When someone reads an invitation or looks at a place card it has been hand written, by me in my office with a lot of care.

Why do your customers fall in love with you?

I deeply care about every customer and feel so lucky that they’ve entrusted some of their wedding details to me. I’m always honest and believe in delivering the best service.

Just received everything – I’m so in love! Cannot even tell you how thrilled I am with the dessert cards especially, I didn’t even think I’d feel this strongly about buffet cards but they are just SO beautiful! Even my fiancé (who hates ‘faff’ of all kind in his own words) said how great they looked. Thank you thank you!!

2018 bride

We are Absolutely delighted with what you have done! Thank you so much – we are really excited about sending the invitations out!

2018 Bride

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