In my last post I discussed how finding your tribe can accelerate your business growth and asked the question for what purpose does the tribe exist? There are many varieties of tribes – networking, commercial development ie a tribe of potential customers, non formal groups of friends and mastermind groups, to name just a few.

The tribe that we are going to be focusing on today is one for commercial development, ie belonging to a tribe with a common interest that will ultimately increase income for you.

Finding your tribe, with the Hampshire Wedding Club and Laura Payne-Stanley, Business and Success Coach

As you think about your tribe now, here are 5 steps to consider, and action, to build your tribe.

Aim of Tribe

Decide and define what the aim of the tribe is for you commercially, are you looking for them to book on courses with you, purchase one off products, join a paid for version of the tribe, or to book your services?

Tribal Home

One of the most important aspects of building a tribe in my opinion, is a definition of the tribal home. Where and how is this tribe going to communicate, network and consolidate as a group with tribal norms. Options can include free Facebook groups, paid for membership sites, in person meet ups or fan pages/ sites/ boards.

Define Tribal Hero

An extension of the brand hero work to define potential customers, tribal heroes are a step further in identifying characteristics and creating a persona of the tribal hero. You will want to know and understand basic demographics, pain points experienced by your tribal hero, motivation strategy and buying behaviour.

Tribal Activities

Having done number 3 you will understand exactly how best to serve your tribe with the activities, free content and materials that you can provide for the tribe. Strategically create and distribute content that serves your tribe and gives you joy to deliver.

Become the Tribal Leader

Plain and simple a tribe needs a leader. I believe in building tribes coming from a place of authenticity and wanting to serve the tribe, and if your goal is for commercial development in alignment with this, you need to be the leader. And know that if you do not step into the role of leader, an unofficial leader will emerge within the tribe. For you, what is the best way that you can become the inspiring leader of your tribe? As an example, if you have a FB group, make sure that the group is known to be facilitated by you.

Build an authentic tribe

Lead with authenticity and build a tribe around you, who you enjoy spending time with. Ultimately positivity, genuine support and happiness radiate through your marketing and social media, so build a tribe that you would like to become a member of and your tribe will come.

There is much joy to be found in building a tribe! As you begin talking to your tribe and creating the tribal language, you can increase your impact by increasing levels of rapport within the community, something that as a NLP Master Coach I cover with my private coaching clients. The emphasis is using verbal and non-verbal communication to increase effective communication.

In conclusion building an AUTHENTIC tribe, one that is in alignment with your personal and commercial values can have a dramatic impact on your business. Remember that building a tribe for commercial impact is a strategic process, a formal part of your marketing and should be approached and reviewed in terms of impact and ROI.

Now enough talk, start creating your tribes, enjoy them and watch them expand.


Finding your tribe, with the Hampshire Wedding Club and Laura Payne-Stanley, Business and Success Coach


Laura Payne-Stanley, Business Life Coach & Hypnotherapist.

Laura is a serial entrepreneur, founding an award winning wedding platform, and a master Business and Success Coach, providing boutique coaching for amazing entrepreneurs.
Laura’s energy, passion and powerful expertise enable her clients to unlock the power within and rise to legendary success. Laura addresses limiting beliefs and upper limit problems with swift action and techniques as a Master Practitioner of NLP. A true ‘mindset ninja’ and secret weapon, Laura’s clients are ‘killing it’ from selling out exclusive international events, to becoming floral designer in residence at one of the most iconic hotels in London.

Laura challenges people to dream bigger than they thought possible, and create the empire they love.

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