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We are Hampshire


Passion, professionalism, & creativity – every time

Together we break new ground with the support we offer couples marrying in Hampshire. Collaborative and modern guidance created as a result of the connections we forge in the community, and the network we build.

We want to support you with the tools to trust your own thinking, not get lost in others opinions, resulting in you departing from the path that is really right for you, your business and your ideal clients. We want to enable you to live in your business and industry with greater freedom to express your voice and pursue your aspirations.

Acting with honesty and integrity, we believe in these guiding principles and with this in place we look to guide and enable wedding suppliers to be stronger, bolder communicators. We firmly believe that it is not enough to simply provide advice, we believe we have to instigate change to make a difference.

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Home of Weddings in Hampshire | Hampshire Wedding Suppliers | Hampshire Wedding Venue | Hampshire Wedding Industry | Exclusive wedding venue in Hampshire

Education, Community and Connection


Be willing to experiment


Personal growth and business growth go hand in hand


Love your people and community


Live outside your comfort zone


Routines and rituals are the building blocks of success


Its never too late to try


We can learn how, with effort and commitment

Home of Weddings in Hampshire | Hampshire Wedding Suppliers | Hampshire Wedding Venue | Hampshire Wedding Industry | Exclusive wedding venue in Hampshire

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.” Maya Angelou.

By elevating the voices of our county-based wedding suppliers to those couples and brides coming to Hampshire to marry, we build an inspired and excited new audience of clientele. By sharing stories, work, excellence and building both an innovative and responsive offline and online community we can impact all our livelihoods. We can thrive and we can grow in the most modern influential and liberating way.

I believe magic happens when creative wedding suppliers come together, support one and other and are passionate in their collaborative pursuits. We should be extraordinary together, and share our cohesive brilliance regularly!

They look forward to meeting you soon at The Hampshire Wedding Club.

Home of Weddings in Hampshire | Hampshire Wedding Suppliers | Hampshire Wedding Venue | Hampshire Wedding Industry | Exclusive wedding venue in Hampshire

Our Mission: To inspire a community of influential, motivated Hampshire wedding suppliers so that they change the way we are seen, heard and considered by newly engaged modern couples, establishing Hampshire as a go to destination for couples seeking originality, integrity and excellence.

If there are pieces of your business on disorganised trajectories all over Hampshire, if your to-do list is completely out of control (last seen fleeing the county to a remote island in the Pacific).  If your brain is cowering in the corner, bombarded by the overwhelm of those 3400 different tasks, priorities, reminders, emails, instagram posts, deliverables, marketing ideas, client conversations, editorial shoot requests.  If the one person you were supposed to follow up with last month is still waiting to hear from you (whoops).

I can tell you two things for sure; we have all been there, trust me and this community is here to help.

Home of Weddings in Hampshire | Hampshire Wedding Suppliers | Hampshire Wedding Venue | Hampshire Wedding Industry | Exclusive wedding venue in Hampshire

Hi, I am Tasha – Founder of the Hampshire Wedding Club. I am an eternal optimist, and a hard worker.

A coffee addict and a gin drinker (not at the same time). I am the proud host of the CAFE SESSIONS. I am a kind-hearted wedding industry fan girl. A foodie, who has auditioned for Masterchef twice. An editorial shoot lover and dreamer of styling ideas.

I am the creator of something new and revolutionary for the wedding Industry, and a believer in community over competition. I celebrate the idea that passion and business combines. I believe we all breathe the same air, and that we have to stop thinking about the things that could go wrong and simply go for it.

I dislike chair sashes, burlap and gyp (sorry, not sorry), I believe there are hundred’s of much better, more original options for your wedding. I love brazen creativity and adore, embrace and promote mutually collaborative opportunities.

I believe cliques and bad mouthing other suppliers should be publicly frowned upon.

I believe modern difficult conversations need to stop not being covered and openly addressed In the wedding Industry.
Yep, I love a challenge!

I was a corporate PA for 16 years, working on banking dealing floors In London, and technology companies up to chairman level. At the end of 2019 I retire from wedding photography, after 10 brilliant years. I am very proud my work has featured in national and international wedding media from Strictly Weddings to Wedding Ideas, to Love My Dress and the English Wedding blog (which the HWC Is now a proud sponsor of). Long may those amazing relationships continue, and new ones develop.

I live in Basingstoke with my husband, son and daughter. I spend my free time on the rugby pitch at Basingstoke RFC, supporting both my children.

Education, Community and Connection

Complete transparency. This is a business. We sell things. We invest in this community with full commitment every day. Yes, we’re proud to earn a salary running it.  I sadly have no magic wand, and I certainly do not have all the answers.  I have made mistakes and assumptions, I have the same sh*t days you do.

I allow CRAP.FM to play loudly in my office sometimes.  I get weighed down by my critical voice, and my lack of confidence regularly wrecks my plans and strategies (and I always overthink and stress out about Facebook and Instagram lives).

However, with 100% commitment I will bring you the very best community learning and development opportunities I can create personally and with the support of specialists.  Please don’t expect perfection every time, but do expect authentic commitment, pep talks, industry wisdom, and unwavering kindness.  All of this has been created to strengthen a local industry I am hugely proud to be part of, and to help you live in your business in the most honest, motivated, healthy and expressive way.

We have created a beautiful resource for you over on Instagram, the #quintessentiallyHampshire record.  Tap into our world, the “HWC World” – Local, extraordinary, professional everytime.  Hear what our community has to say, in one simple click.

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