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I have read that eye-catching pin graphics and images are essential to a successful Pinterest strategy. As well as of course that it is important to refine excellent pin descriptions to match them.

WHY? Because the descriptions allow users to not only find your pins. But to know more about what you’re associating them to.

I am so excited about our day with Maddy on the 31st of October, that I am happily investing more of my time to help you after the workshop.

So if you are ready to invigorate your Pinterest marketing strategy with quality content, and why wouldn’t you be. Carry on reading about a special offer I have put together, as I put back on my admin hat to support you in this amazing opportunity.

I am no Pinterest strategist (that is Maddy’s job, and she’s DAMN good at it) – you’ve booked your ticket right?? I am really looking forward to learning alongside you on the day, as well as looking after you all of course.

What I am however is someone who knows about the power of visual inspiration, I have a funny creative brain you see. I also know how easy it is to plan with Pinterest. I love how easy it is to immerse yourself in it, seeking inspiration to tell a story to connect with specific clients. I also appreciate how important a good layout is. How critical it is to compliment your brand with your set up. As well as how important it is to have a beautiful look and feel to your Pinterest home page.

So what am I offering?

This is only available between Friday the 5th at 9 am until Saturday 13th at 10 pm.

To qualify you must refer a friend to the workshop. Once they book you both qualify for a little Pinterest TLC – HWC style.

Here’s what we will do:

Step 1: Profile Cleanup
Step 2: Renaming boards
Step 3: Create a board order
Step 4: Review pins on reviewed boards

This is what you get:

One hour of work face to face with me, to review your current Pinterest set up from top to bottom.
One further hour of work on your account completed by me.
One final hour together, after the work is complete. This will be one month after the second hour, to allow us to review statistics together.


What I know

Pinterest is a game-changing platform, it’s an obvious fact backed up with very public data and performance figures.

Until I started listening to the extraordinary knowledge Maddy has on Pinterest I felt overwhelmed. I could not see how I could turn this immense online scrapbook into a strategic tool for my business. Now I can.

I know the tips and advice the workshop will provide are critical to using Pinterest effectively.

I also know it will influence your engagement of the HUGE audience of potential clients Pinterest provides.

By following Maddy’s advice and implementing her strategies I am excited to grow engagement and influence for the HWC members.

We understand how busy you are, and I am as I always say here to help. So with that in mind, bring someone with you to the workshop and receive some clear, heartfelt admin support from me.

The HWC Pinterest attracts 25,900 unique monthly visitors, 83% of whom are female. My boards are inspiring brides ranging from 25 to 44. 76% of my visitors are based in the UK, from London, Oxford, Cheltenham and Brighton. I am hugely excited to build on our audience further, as I know it will be a significant benefit to the members of the HWC.

Through November I will be rolling out a new service for each Hampshire Wedding Club paying member. This service is included in your monthly membership. Each member will have their own curated board on the HWC Pinterest page, which I will curate on your behalf. They will have carefully selected keywords and descriptions created especially for them. As well as beautiful bespoke covers and graphics in the HWC branding.

We appreciate this course in an investment. Yet we firmly believe it is one you should not miss out on for your business. Maddy and I are 100% committed to adding significant value with our individual skills. We are also looking forward to welcoming you to the Four Seasons on the 31st of October.

Can you afford to miss out on this?

Tasha xx


To book on the workshop, visit its dedicated page – linked below:


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