As I drove back from seeing the ever so lovely Freya Rose yesterday I realised why I’m creating the Hampshire Wedding Club.

Yesterday we talked about passion and integrity, talked about coming home from London to balance her business alongside her home life in Hampshire. Talked about the critical community support we need as creatives in our industry. These things are present for Freya, her mum has a shop just around the corner to the gorgeous home of Freya Rose.

Freya at Lordington Lavender by Dimples and Daisies

We went for coffee at a brilliant place called Southsea Coffee, which is also incidentally home to properly delicious and supremely healthy goodies from Ginger and Peach.

Upon leaving many in the shop said hi to her, greeting her by name, asking how she was. It is such a strength giver to have something like that around you.

We popped to see her mum Barbara Tipple one of the most accomplished jewellers in Britain today. She is the only female jeweller in Britain to ever have received 3 De Beers Diamonds International Awards. I drove home excited and inspired by the achievements of these extraordinary women.

The Hampshire Wedding Club, inspiring Hampshire Weddings, Quintessentially Hampshire.

Google us

If you google Hampshire weddings (actually don’t yet, give us a month), it’s these personal connections and stories.  This sense of community that has seemingly been totally forgotten. Reading the top 10 posts that pop up, it’s just lists of stuff or paid venue adverts.  We are so much better than that.

I’m reading a book by Seth Gobin at the moment (it’s part of the reading list for our HWC book club).  He says “the affect of trivial, incessant articles with the same tone promote one thing – this is what average looks like”.  We as an industry are far from average!


The Hampshire Wedding Club, inspiring Hampshire Weddings, Quintessentially Hampshire.

What are we?

So the HWC will be a partisan supporter, a champion and an enthusiast. A connector and a curator of all that is so very good about the Hampshire Wedding industry. It’s about shining a light, and creating anticipation.

It’s as much about showing you the latest styles, as it is talking about suppliers. It’s about telling you beautiful countryside wedding tales, and inspiring you with supplier led writing. It’s about genuine connections. I was reminded yesterday, that creating something like this should be fun and exhilarating.

Love Tasha x

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The Hampshire Wedding Club, inspiring Hampshire Weddings, Quintessentially Hampshire.