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Lifecycle – where are you in this?

I wanted to write a short post about the different lifecycle of a business. Then suggest what you should and could be doing at each point. This is not new information by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a critical part of your planning. I will be...

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Membership – how much is it to join?

The tradition supplier guide has changed.  The simple wedding directory approach is not really working anymore.  We have heard from highly acclaimed wedding industry PR professionals the following has very little impact on couples anymore:...

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I would simply like to join the list

Standard "the list" entry £100 a year or £15 a month Website link Social media links below your entry on the list One social media post a month across all our platforms, we create this "HWC loves" listing £200 a year or £25 a month Your own...

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Community over competition is competition rightly ordered

Community over Competition   "Community over competition is competition rightly ordered” - says the Rising Tide Society.  Understanding that the best businesses serve two audiences; our clients and our community. Competition is good when it is not at the...

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Why join the Hampshire Wedding Club?

Why join the Hampshire Wedding Club?   Do you know what you EXCEL at? How are you UNIQUE? How do you add VALUE? What are your VALUES? How do you invoke ACTION? Why should people EMOTIONALLY invest in your business How you SEDUCE your clients? How do you foster the...

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What do you get?

At the Hampshire Wedding Club.  We will encourage you and help you to build the relationships, paramount to your business.  We celebrate knowing our fellow creatives.  We know building relationships in a positive, constructive, and compassionate...

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My Epiphany

By Tasha Newland, Founder and Photographer This time last year I was a months into what I was calling a period of refocusing.  I was working alongside a coach, Ebonie, on both a business and personal level. I hit pause on what I was doing before figuring...

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Understand money to understand your life

By Kate Bickford, Business Developer We're all in business to make money, right? But you should spend some time thinking how you feel about money. Are you blocking it or is it free flowing towards you?  Understanding money and value are vital for business...

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Wedding Perfume

How To Extend The Life Of Your Wedding Perfume By Frances Moore, British Makeup Artist I am a HUGE fan of perfume.  I love having a choice between scents to match my mood, occasion or even outfit.  But how can you make that gorgeous smell last all day?  Well, I've...

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Should You Hire A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding?

Should You Hire A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding? By Frances Moore, British Makeup Artist Yes, the big question… should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding? It’s a question every bride puts to themselves – shortly followed by the follow up question… or can I get...

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Philip and Helena’s beautiful Chawton House Wedding

Oh this wedding, it is wonderful, and I had a real tough time whittling down the images for this post. I do think you are going to love the style created by Philip and Helena. It is thoughtfully elegant and with a gentle nod to the beautiful, historical venue the...

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True collaboration, and a national front cover

True collaboration, and a national front cover 60,000 copies with our styled shoot on the front page... I am reminiscing with this one slightly, talking about a collaborative shoot created for Wedding Ideas Magazine at Penton Park, in Andover, Hampshire.  It was the...

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Boudoir – Would you be so bold?

While it is customary for newly-engaged couples to book pre wedding or engagement photography sessions. There is another photographic adventure for a bride-to-be to consider. The “bridal boudoir” shoot. Oh god no! I hear you shriek, but hear me out.. Boudoir what on...

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Voice of an angel – Freight Train Runners

Unless I am really concentrating I am never in complete silence. I need music on, I love listening to the latest iTunes playlist (big fan of the very eclectic Chanel show soundtracks), my work playlist or at the moment (don't judge me) a combination of the Greatest...

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Boudoir, Oh boudoir – Pretty in Pink

Ask the photographer who created these images what her favourite aspect of bridal boudoir is, and the answer is to “celebrate the bride's magnificence and contentment”. It is after all a privilege to document that "in love" emotional state a client omits on their...

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About Tasha

Meet Tasha

If I was to share a few simple truths with you, they’d be that I think everything happens for a reason, cake can be eaten at any time of the day and I’ve always dreamed of living by the sea but seagulls get on my nerves.  However, I also believe that in life, you should always be courageous.  That’s why I started The Hampshire Wedding Club.  I’ve been a wedding photographer for years and I adore how passionate my industry is and how inspiring the creative people around me are. Before I started my own photography company Ikonworks, I worked for international brands such as Verizon, Porsche, Game and Morgan Stanley for 16 years as an executive assistant.  The perfect grounding for starting up and running my own show – multitasking, organising and attention to detail are in my DNA.

But here’s the thing, above all I subscribe to the mantra that doing what you love makes you happy.  So seeing a gap in the wedding industry, I thought it was high time I started pulling together the fantastic creatives and professionals I’ve worked with.  I wanted to create an interactive, inspiring and beautiful online portfolio for brides and grooms that not only showcases all the fabulous wedding industry talent we have in Hampshire, but also acts as a revolutionary social space and digital lookbook for wedding creatives.  That’s how The Hampshire Wedding Club was born.

 When I am not shooting weddings, hosting events or running The Hampshire Wedding Club, I’m Tasha who is married to Martin and mum to Sam and Abby – our two lovely, funny, feisty kids.  Most days you’ll find me surgically attached to my desk or curating love stories through a lens but I can often be found on the side of a rugby pitch or grabbing a quick coffee before going on a webinar.  I can’t survive without coffee.