Introducing the Hampshire Creatives Brilliant Book Club


I’ve been thinking a lot about my book club lately, and how its never quite gotten off the ground. It’s always something that I have felt needs justifying, or explaining. Made even worse by skimming over an article recently stating, “reading had become too social and how it should be a private experience”. What a bunch of bananas.

I read something in LifeHack which I will summarise as its rather long! It made me realise that I do want to run a book club, that it is important to me. It also made me realise I needed to find a better way of making it happen.

“Some of the busiest people on our planet are also avid readers. Reading sparks your creativity, helps you grow your understanding of complex problems. It grows you intellectually, while at the same time, reading is a very relaxing activity. But how do we make time to read? News articles report that we are reading less and less.

The writer of this article then goes on to give some great advice:

Set a goal per reading session.  If you don’t have the habit of reading big chunks of text at a time, set reading goals per session. For example, you can challenge yourself to read 50 pages before putting your book aside or to finish the chapter before you move on to the next task.

Read digitally across all your mobile devices.  If you read digitally, make sure you have a reader app on all your mobile devices so that you can read whenever you have a free moment. The books on my e-reader are synced with my smartphone and tablet.

Read before going to bed.  Reading at night before falling asleep is a proven method to relax, preparing ourselves for a good night’s sleep.

Join your peers.  Look for people in your community or online who are reading the same book as you are reading. Keeping up with their discussions and ideas on the reading will help you move forward with your book.

Join a reading challenge.  You can join a reading challenge and set a goal for the number of books you would like to read in a given year. To challenge yourself, set the limit above what you would think is workable”.

So, its back, starting in February, you can find all the books and sign up for a session on the supplier events. I am finding a venue to get together at, that is comfy and accessible.

Here are my nine reasons why you should join in…

Reason one

 You meet interesting people.

Reason two

You read things that you wouldn’t otherwise read.

Reason three

Some books are written to be discussed.

Reason four

You eat great food.

Reason five

Sometimes it’s fun just to chat because book clubs are a great excuse to make and keep friends.

Reason six

A book club is not just about books! It is about what you do with the information and learnings you get from the book. Its also about how you can apply them to your life, business and passions.

Reason seven

It gets you out of the office, out from behind your screen and into the company of other adults.

Reason eight

It will challenge your perspective on things.

Reason nine

You don’t have to have finished the book to come along.  It would be good if you haven’t bought it and its still in its bookshop bag, or amazon cardboard wrapper.  We would encourage you to come along regardless.  You may have just started, wobbled, or sprinted your way through.  We would love to see you, and are not precious book divas!


I loved the book club I joined last year, BUT it was online and lacked a personal connection.  I believe the positive effects go far beyond simply reading more. So, if you’d like to join I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so! There is no pressure, it’s not a competition. If you are not the world’s fastest reader, you are still very much welcome.

I schedule time in my calendar for reading, I find it the only time when my brain does not go a million miles an hour. I learn huge amounts when I read, and I make copious notes.

I can’t wait to see who signs up. Who takes a moment to embrace the idea of reading more. As well as who decides they want to come along relax with friends and discuss what fascinated or inspired them.  Oh, and you don’t have to be a wedding supplier to join us. You could be a social media guru, flamboyant showgirl, cheesemaker or flower grower. Sorry, goodness knows where those options came from.

This year has bought so much valuable, and usable information to me since I embarked on my little literary adventure. So I do hope you will sign up and get involved.

And how is this for making it easy!

Below are all our 2019 books, simply click to find out more and book on the session.

We are looking for a venue for this event at the moment, so there will be another update coming soon.  The dates, however, are firmly in the Hampshire Wedding Club calendar. We can’t wait to get started.

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