What can SEO do for my wedding business?

Keeping on top of changes, as well as updating your website to ensure it is SEO friendly can feel like a mammoth task. But, by understanding what is SEO, how it works and why, then following best practice, you can gain an edge on the competition.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. Source

Although the secrecy of search engines algorithms, such as Google’s, remains, we do know that the factors in their algorithm divide into two categories:

On-page factors:

These factors decide the ranking of your website and it’s elements. They include technical issues, for example, 404 errors ( For example, a broken link or deleted web page.), and content factors such as the structure of your site and site text.

Off-page factors:

These factors include links from other websites, social media activity and other marketing activities taking place away from your website

What can SEO do for my Hampshire wedding business? | the Typeface Group | Wedding suppliers in Hampshire |Google my business | SEO for the wedding industry

SEO Best practice:

Avoid Black hat SEO

Stay clear of black hat SEO. If someone contacts you promising the holy grail they are either trying to pull the wool over your eyes or going to implement black hat techniques.

Black hat SEO aims to exploit loopholes in Google’s algorithms and to get sites to rank higher without earning the results. A classic example of this is Keyword stuffing, another is writing content that is not relevant to the website’s overall offering, but would draw in traffic. Both of these tactics can lead to websites being penalised, and to get back on can take years of work. Don’t do it you will end up paying a handsome sum to get the penalisation removed.

Black Hat Techniques

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the practice of shoving as many SEO keywords onto a page as physically possible. – for example, if your homepage keyword is ‘wedding planner in Hampshire’ and you see it in almost every paragraph on the page, this is something to be avoided. Keywords should be added to one or two headings, the first sentence or paragraph, and dotted throughout IF relevant, not forced!
Pages for the sake of pages – Some companies add pages with just a location or a service changed to try and attract people from that location or for the same service, just using a different keyword. These pages for the sake of pages usually have a bulk of duplicate content bar one or two words which the search engines are fully prepared to penalise you for. With the way SEO works now, IP addresses and the customer’s location are taken into account, so doing this does nothing in reality apart from putting your website at risk.

Poorly written content

In extreme cases, people who practise Black Hat SEO will copy and paste irrelevant/poorly written content to bulk out a website page with keywords that just do not fit the content. You must write your content to be as user-friendly as possible and focus on what your audience wants and intends to see from you.

Poor user experience and design

If you aren’t focusing on:

Overall running of your website 
Ensuring there are no broken links 
Navigation is simple and effective
Natural internal linking is being carried out
Images are optimised
Keeping plugins and your website updated and safe
Ensuring speed is fast
Your site is 100% mobile responsive

User experience will drop drastically, and your site’s ranking will be negatively impacted.

What can SEO do for my Hampshire wedding business? | the Typeface Group | Wedding suppliers in Hampshire |Google my business | SEO for the wedding industry

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is timely and requires effort, but the hard work pays off when you start to make conversions. You need to focus on building and maintaining the best site you possibly can. That is the key goal here. Search engines will take interest in your site almost straight away if it is maintained, user-friendly and the content quality is high and consistent. Pleasing customers is every search engines core mission. They aim to index the world’s information to make the best of it universally accessible to the people that want it.

Of course, making money is another goal. To do so, they have to make sure people keep using the search engine. Obviously, there is some competition from search engines such as Google and Bing so they’ll have to ensure they offer the best service and show people the results they are looking for.

Permanently ranking high on any search engine requires a long-term, ongoing SEO strategy. Not forgetting that search engines change the goal posts regularly. SEO encompasses every online activity, from your website development and security through to your marketing activities such as PR and social media.

White box techniques:

Clear keyword strategy – Having a keyword strategy, where you plot relevant and specific keywords for each page/blog will help you keep organised and on top of optimisation.

A great user experience – This is pretty straightforward. Ensuring your website runs smoothly on both web and mobile is so important. Speed, a streamlined code, adding calls to actions, internal/external links, headers and more will improve UX.

Quality content that is useful for the reader – (no sales pitches in your blog please!) All blog content should be based around intent. What is your reader intending to search for and what would they expect you to write about. If search engines see that your content is leading to browsing rather than bouncing, up the rankings you will go.

A solid social media, PR & backlink strategy – While SEO supports organic search results, you need to give your website a boost through promotion. Social media, online PR and a backlink from authoritative sites all help build trust in your website which results in a ranking boost.

Find out more

The Typeface Group are award-winning tactical marketing and creative design specialists geared toward growth. They have a team of specialists creating award-winning content, branding and design for UK wide clients (many in the wedding industry). They are super focussed towards clever and thorough industry research which in turn allows them to monitor the data behind your efforts, which in turn produces excellent results for your business.

Find out more by clicking their logo below, it will open their website in a new window.

What can SEO do for my Hampshire wedding business? | the Typeface Group | Wedding suppliers in Hampshire |Google my business | SEO for the wedding industry

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